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    Man that's addicting.

    I'm up to 38.

    The ones I'm having trouble with :
    - the woman with the barrel of water
    - The monkeys
    - the guys witht he map
    - the guy with the pumpkin head
    - the guy in the lower right hand corner, only because I can't figure out what it is in place of his head.
    - the two guys on the stairs
    - the cave in the lower right (i clicked it by accident and a thing popped up, so it needs a name)
    - the two houses
    - the guy with the spy glass
    - the staircase

    EDIT With some help from some friends, I've gotten all but one - the cave opening in the bottom right corner. Anyone? Bueller?
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    If you will it, dude, it is no dream.

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