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Thread: blown speaker?

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    Default blown speaker?

    I have an old pair of 5b's. Bought them when polk first came out. they were a new company at the time. well my problem is there is no bass or mid coming out of one of my speakers, sound is very low. could it be the crossover? i'm guessing the speaker is blown any help would be great.

    thanks, steve

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    It's most likely the mid woofer, polk still sells replacments if you call CS and also mention your a club polk member you get a discount..

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    I think they have a set of fuses on the back binding post plate. Check that and see if the fuses are good. Also, check for oxidation on the fuse ends and holders.
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    Thanks, i believe it's blown. i compared the bad one to the good one.and the good one makes a thumping sound and the bad one seems like it is stiff, no thumping sound. so i will be replacing it.I will call polk tec on monday.


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