I'd post this in the 'garage sale' section under "Wanted", but nobody's been in there in 100 years...

I need a 5 channel (150 x 1 or better + 35 x 4 or better)


a 4 channel (75 x 4 @ 2 [two] ohms or better) and then I'll L-pad it all out.

obviously used is fine - but it better be reliable.

Name brands only - figuring to spend 50 + freight or more if its worth it.
I figure a 40 x 4 @ 4 ohms - entry level line - usually that stuff goes for 120 new... so 50 used is fair I'd say. hit me up - Vince@SpinelliCreations.com or reply to this post please.

Thank you.
- Vince

By the way - 4 Audiobahn subs in enclosure, still on the blocks ready to sell (the new gear has been in for a while now). -- Willing to do partial trade. Run it by me.