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    Default Need some acoustical

    Hey guys. I need some advice. I have a 7.1 system. Here’s the equipment

    Speakers: Mains: Polk LSI 25s
    Center: Polk LSI C
    Surrounds: Polk LSI FXs
    Surround Backs: Polk LSI 7s
    Subwoofer: SVS PB 12 +

    Preamp: Sunfire Theater Grand IV

    Amp: Sunfire Cinema Grand 7

    Other Equipment: Sony DVP CX 777es
    Behringer DSP1124 Parametric EQ
    Monster Power 3600 MK II
    Sony KSPW51 RP TV

    Fantastic system IMHO. Sounds great. But here’s my situation. I want to maximize the sound.

    Look at the picture, here is my room layout. It’s in a living room on the east side with an open air kitchen to the west. Vaulted ceilings (10 ft). Gas fireplace is on the south side with five foot windows on either side as well as a window over the fireplace. In the middle north side of the picture, there is an open hallway to the front door. Carpet and wooden blinds dress the area. As you can see, acoustical properties are not optimized for my open room.

    My subwoofer is in the SE corner below my right surround speaker. My surround backs are over the fireplace on the mantle. Unfortunately my entertainment center (10 feet) takes up the entire north wall with 24” on either side.

    What I need to know from someone in the know is this.

    1. Am I better off moving the entertainment center against the East wall, surround backs mounted on penta (sp) mounts from the ceiling in the kitchen and sub against the north or south wall?

    2. Or is this current setup the best? One might say the only way to find out is to move it and determine for yourself. I am hoping someone with acoustical knowledge can comment.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Attached Images  

    Sunfire Theater Grand IV
    Sunfire Cinema Grand 400 x 7
    polk LSI 25s mains
    polk LSI C center
    polk LSI FXs rear surrounds
    polk LSI 7s surround backs
    Sony DVP CX777ES
    SVS PB12/+2 :D

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    I'd say your current setup is the best approach.

    If you want to learn more about how to maximize your system acoustically, there's tons of info on the Internet about it. Start by doing a search on this forum. Type in "Acoustics" or "Acoustic panels" or Acoustic treatment" something like that.
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