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    Default Subwoofer match to Bookshelf

    I need a small subwoofer and satelites for my small Teac amplifier. I was thinking about getting the PSW202 and attaching 2 M10's as satelites for a simple stereo left and right channel setup. Would anyone care to comment if this is a good speaker match or not?

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    This would be fine for a simple system. Are there better? Yes, but there is notheing wrong with the components you are considering.

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    Default Enough power?

    Thanks. My Teac Amplifier is the A-H500 rated 50 watts RMS at 50 OHMs. It is currently driving Niles in-wall speakers and in-wall subwoffer. I was going to add a speaker selecter switch and attach the subwoofer with the two satelites attached. Do you think there is enough power to drive all speakers at once? Is it safe?

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    If the speaker selector has an impedance compensation, yes - it will be fine.

    If not, get a second amp, and go to town with y-splitters as needed.

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