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    Default Correct way to use polyfill

    Is there a correct way to put polyfill in a subwoofer enclosure?
    I put some in my sub box and just kind of layed it in the bottom of the box about 3" thick or so. Most references say to have about 1 pound per square foot of enclosure but I think I only used maybe 10 oz. of it total for both compartments of my enclosure with two GNX-104's in them. Is 5 oz. enough polyfill for an enclosure that is about .65 cu/ft?
    Is there a right and wrong way of putting it in the enclosure? Does Polk have photos of the recommended way to do so?
    I appreciate any input as I want my bass to be the best it can be.



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    The industry standard rule of thumb is to install one pound of poly fill per cubic foot. This is very subjective. Too much will over damp the enclosure and will reduce the the amount of bass that the woofer produces. Too little and the woofer is too "boomy".
    I usually stick my big fat head into the box to listen how well the box resonances are reduced. I listen for just a hint of an echo.
    Try not to install it directly on to to the woofer. Place it as far back as possible without compressing the material.

    Happy Damping,

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