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    Default Kim help! Is this going to improve

    I have a new MM100 but it was a display model at the local audio store. I am driving it with a MTX blue thunder pro pushing 412 rms @ 80hz and below. It has about 5 hours on it from me but I have no idea how many from before I bought it or if it was damaged from never being broken in correctly. It has a good amount of bass and SPL but sounds like a speaker more than the song it's playing, even at low volume. Some notes sound good but most have that plastic speaker sound like a really cheap sub would have. I bought a Polk because I thought they had some type of cone that was quiet like a paper woofer but stiffer. The Dx speakers are suppost to be"uncolored' and not have cone resonance, and I thought the MM was just a souped up Dx. Should I just sell it and get a Dx or will it quiet down after 40 hrs. I've tried a different amp and even a home stereo and it sounds the same. The box is perfect .66 with 1lb fill and sealed completely. Thanks

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    I would suggest removing some of the poly fill first. For a .66 cubic feet sealed enclosure I would recommend using about 1/4 to 1/2 of a pound of poly fill. One pound of poly fill is too much for this size enclosure. The pitch and definition of the sub will improve dramatically. Allow 40 hours of playing music at a reasonable level to sufficiently break in the woofers' suspension.


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    you might also want to take a look at the low pass frequency cut off.... having it set too high would make other, higher frequency sounds play through the sub.

    my 2 cents

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