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    Default Alternative center for RTI 8

    Hey Guys,
    please exuse me but my english is not ne best.

    I have a problem with my 5.1 Setup.
    I`ve bought a pair of RTI 8 and FXI 5 two mounths ago and Im very happy with this speakers. The problem I have is I do not get a suiteable center because in germany you don`t get any Polk speakers. The RTIs and FXIs were discharge models.

    Speaker import from USA is not the best way because it will be very expensive.
    So Im looking for a center sounds like my RTIs.

    Do you have any idea which manufacture I can select.
    Do you think a center by Elac, Monitor Audio, Klipsch or Kef sounds good with my RTIs?

    Greatz from Germany

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    the best way to get polks sent to you is to use a freight forwarding company. Im in Japan and used BAX Global to get my Rti12s sent to me at a low cost of 250 for the pair, not bad considering height/weight, etc. I suggest you try the same, they will quote you on the phone if you have the dimensions, which you can get from Crutchfield or others. Check they ship worldwide also. The center to have with those 8s would be the CSi5
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    I looked for a CSI 5 but I think the center with shipping and the teriff in germany costs me more than 400 - 450 $.
    So I considered myself about building a Center by myself. I could get a pair off RTI8 for less than 200 .
    It is possible to remove the drivers off the RTIs and build a case with the dimensions off the CSI 5. Do you think it sounds good?
    They have the same drivers but I dont know wheater they have the same frequency switch?


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    why not look at the csi3 I use it with my rti8s and find it suitable. The speaker is cheaper, lighter, therefore it will cost less to ship. Sure you don't get the bigger centre but you don't get a miss-matched either. best of both worlds.

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