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    Default Antique Sound Lab Twinhead tube preamp?

    Hi all,

    Iím venturing (or trying to) into the ďTUBEĒ World. Looking at the Antique Sound Lab Twinhead preamp second hand. It has two headphone jacks up front OTL and SE. Donít know what that means. It comes with a remote. See pic attached. Anyway, guy wants $675.00 US 9/10.

    My question is: is this a good tube preamp? I donít have any experience with tubes. Also, I play 2-channel with my external sub. Would I be able to hook up external sub to it? How would the sound be compared to my Denon 3806 pre?

    Like I said, have no idea about tube equipment, but like the sound I have heard before with some inexpensive tube gear. All comment and help is much appreciated.


    Gator:) :)
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    Right here.


    If you are using the 3806 for 2 channel, I'd say that any decent pre (SS or tubes) will give you better sound; you might want to look at one that has HT pass through to make things simpler (assuming you'll still use your fronts via the parasound).
    If you want to use the sub, you'll need a pre with two sets of outputs.
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    Seems fair to me. I like the fact that it has a remote and is a headphone amp to boot.

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