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    Default Db575 & 675 bass clarity

    I just purchased the 5 1/4 DB575 for the front and 6 1/4 DB650 for the rear of my Toyota Corolla. They're powerd via a Kenwood 200watt cd player. They're much clearer than stock speakers & really like them.

    Just one issue; Some of my music has a lot of bass to it & I have to turn the bass almost off to get decent sound from them.

    Am I missing something in my configuration? If different speakers would fill my needs, please let me know.

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    From your description it sounds as if the speakers are wired correctly and the speakers are in phase. Are you using the tone controls on the head unit, and is the "Loudness" compensation button engaged? If so, then try setting the tone controls to a neutral position and turn off the loudness compensation. This will improve clarity and will relieve the stress on the drivers.

    One thing to keep in mind is that all speakers do have a limited amount of cone displacement, or mechanical excursion. When listening to music that has heavily equalized bass, depending on volume level, this can cause the drivers suspension to be pushed to its limits. If pushed too hard the speakers will audibly distort.

    Eventually you will want to consider installing a dedicated subwoofer. Then you can shift the lower frequency bass frequencies to the dedicated subwoofer and use an active or passive high pass filter on the front and rear speakers.
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