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    Default RT2000p subwoofer hookup

    I am a newbie as to "best practice" of setting up amp'd subs. I have a Yamaha V659 and my mains are 2 Polk RT2000p's. The mains have built in amp'd subs with standard wire nut connections and there is a LINE IN and LINE OUT.

    My assumption is to definitely use the RCA Line In cabling to be able to utilize the shielding in decent cables. My question is this. Should I split the signal with a "Y" cable and connect them to the LINE IN on both subs or do I hook the Receiver sub out to one of the LINE IN's and then take a cable from the LINE OUT of that same speaker to the LINE IN of the second speaker?

    Does it matter? Does the RT2000p LINE IN pass the signal directly to the out? Would there be any differentiation of signal between the two subs using the latter configuration?

    Thanks for any help!

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    You can do either. Set the low pass in your AVR to 80 Hz. Set the speaker size to small. Remove the jumper on your binding posts. The line in/line out is a pass thru if you choose to go that route.
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    NM, double post.
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    The best, easiest way would be to simply use speaker wire for all connections, on your AVR set main speakers to large, and sub to off or no if you don't have another sub, but the main thing is to set mains to large.

    Since the RT2000i has it's own built in internal crossover at 100 Hz, if you also engage the one in the AVR on the signal being fed to the RT2000is, you will unfortunately have some nasty double filtering going on. :(

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