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    Default Line Driver Confusion

    As much as I could use a new H/U, as was discussed in my previous thread, I can't justify throwing away a 5 month old deck just yet, so I need to explore other options for tuning a larger vehicle.

    From what I have read in these forums, and as was suggested to me earlier, a Line Driver may be one possible solution for acquiring the tone control options I need, but I am somewhat confused.

    If I were to install something like a Rockford 3Sixty.2, hooked up to my 2 Rockford amps, it is my understanding I would need to drop my amp gains to minimal, in order for the Line Drivers 5V outputs, to work properly with my amp(s) 4 volt inputs.

    My question the end of the day, if I am still pumping in only 4V to accomodate the amps limitations, what am I gaining in respect to having a higher source output? I kind of understand what most of the 3Sixty's options are capable of, but this voltage thing has me stumped, and I couldn't find anywhere that Rockford touched on this subject.

    Any words of wisdom would be swell. Thank you.

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    do you have a digital multimeter?
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    Yes, I do.

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    higher input voltage = less noise on the line... 1 unit of noise per 1 volt input is a higher ratio of noise to signal than 1 unit of noise per 4 volt input.

    why the hell are you getting a line driver though?

    before I go ballistic, I figured I'd ask the question.

    the rockford 360 isn't a line driver... well it is, but it isn't... it's about 1,000 other things AND a line driver -- that's just one of its many features. a straight up line driver does nothing more than ramp up a 0.25 or 1 volt input to a 4 or 8 volt input or whatever else you're shooting for.
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