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    Default Polks RTi6 or FXi5 for surround spkrs

    I've almost completed my HT upgrade for my 14x14x30 room that extends to the kitchen. I will have a 5.1 setup starting with the Outlaw 7500 amp, Anthem AVM30 Prepro, SVS-PB12 Plus sub, Polk Audio RTi8 fronts, CSi5 center and either Polk Audio RTi6 or FXi5 for the surrounds. My question is which surround speaker (RTi6 or FXi5) will be more efficient for HT and music? Thanks for your help.:)

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    For all-around audio clarity, I would recommend the RTi6s. I have them as my front L/R right now, and they're very impressive. I am, however, considering replacing my rear L/R RTi4s with fxi3s, as I use my HT primarily for movies. If you tend to use your system more for movies than music, you may better appreciate the enveloping sound of the FXs. But that's just my 2 cents.

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    If you need to mount the speaker on the wall then go with FXi5. If you can put your speakers on stands slightly behind your listening position and you can position them to aim at you listening position, then go with RTi6.


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