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    Default Alternative in CD player

    I guess I like what's different; (I did get very good feedback from Early...)

    I got today the Bada HD-22 player; Chinese, with one 6N3 (5670) tube; has one digital and two analog Solid State one tube. Philips transport, two power supplies, Solen caps all over and Burr Brown OPAMPS. Very nicely built; HEAVY. maybe more than the Jolida 100. The remote is aluminum and is less than half the weight of the Jolida. Already ordered a better tube and will post impressions sometime next week.

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    My Bada has been slightly modded and is nearly two years old. With the stock tube, it went head-to-head with a modded Jolida and the sound was identical on my technician's rig. Once the tube was replaced with a GE 5670, the sound immediately catapulted to another level altogether.

    Great grab.
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    The player your desribing sounds a lot like the Sheng Ya and the Kavent. Same major components (transport, DAC opamps, tubes, etc.) I'll bet ti sounds pretty nice. I love my Chinese Sheng Ya. Some of these Chinese players are strong performers. Let's see how good is thier longevity. Ricardo, how much did you pay if you don't mind me asking?

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    I like the red boards.
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    It is sold by at $499 plus shipping; I got mine for $415 shipped because it has a small scratch in the top. Was listed in Audiogon.
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    Cool. I also like the fact that it has 2 transformers, one for the analog stage and one for the digital stage, nice feature.
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    Nice snag.... I can't wait to hear your review
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    Congrats nice CD player..........yeh and I like those red board too. It is different!!

    Make sure you post the pics on the "Guts" thread..............

    Gator:) :)
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