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    Default db5250 cut off freqs?

    I have the Polk Audio db5250 speakers installed in the front of my 2004 F150 supercrew and I'm running them off a JLB GTO755.6 II (60W rms X 4 + 107W rms X 2) Amp. I'm not currently using the amps crossover just my headunits. Which is a Pioneer DEH-P7800MP. I can't seem to find a good High Pass frequency for these speakers. For example I play country and it sounds fine set at 125hz I play techno and I have to adjust the cut off higher.

    Anyways if I was pumping full power and full range audio to these speakers what would be the best high pass cut off frequency for these 5.25" components?



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    From my experiences listening to country (okay, Garth Brooks really), there doesn't seem to be all that much bass to it. You can tell i'm a true country fan :D

    125Hz should be well in the ballpark. The speakers you have have a range of 53Hz to 23kHz. Having them hi-passed at 125 or so should be alright.

    It doesn't seem like you have an issue with your system, only perhaps a difference in how you like your different styles of music. Music with more bass will more quickly overdrive your small speakers, so you may want to use a different EQ preset. You should be able to leave your filter at 125 and use different EQ's (with different bass levels) for each music type. This would offer you the sound that you like, for both music types. On most decks, choosing a different EQ setting is easier that going into the menu and messing with HPF settings, etc. My deck offers adjustable presets for rock, club, jazz, etc... Yours should have something similar. Try that and see how it works out.

    In addition to the above, you mention running your speakers "full range." That would imply that you're not using any filter, but applying all frequencies to the speakers. I've done that for many years and it works okay, as long as you don't expect to get subwoofer performance from a 5" speaker. Usually, running them full range will require turning down the bass level on your equalizer for those times when you want to play them really loud. Changing your EQ, along with the high pass filter will impact how much low frequency content makes it to the speaker and how much you'll be beating on those woofers.

    I've been able to tweak my system to produce what i condsider good sound, without having to continuously play with the settings. If you tend to be more picky in how you like your music, programming your EQ profiles for the variations in your favorite music would be the way to go.
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    125 seems a little high to me. Are you running a sub?
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    Thanks for the replies. I am running a polk 10" momo. Here's my setup:

    Front Door - Polk db5250's HP 125hz
    Rear Door - Infinity 6812cf HP 100hz
    Sub - Polk MM 2104 LP 100hz

    I don't run the db5250's full range they can't handle that at any higher volumes.

    MacLeod- some music say Hip Hop, I adjust the 5250's HP down to 100hz maybe 80hz but when I'm pushing say 50% volume the speaker distorts cause it's getting too much bass.

    I ordered a set of Polk MMC650's to replace my db5250's which will go into Q-Forms kick panels later on powered by a more powerful amp soon as I figure out the correct way to run 4 components in the front.

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    I think you will be missing a good deal of musical information if you cross them over at that frequqency. Try something lower, like 80Hz. When I had my Pioneer units I never used the preset EQ curves as they were too boosted.
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    I'll try that. I drop the gains down too hopefully it'll handle this range.

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    you can go 80hz with no problem.

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