Just came across this band in a very random manner, and I really enjoy their album Absolution. They're a British rock/pop band. Their music is a great mix of rock, pop, classical, and even some metal bits. There's a lot of electric guitars, a simple but well used drum set, and a lot of synths. I'm not sure exactly what captures me, but I find myself listening to this album over and over again. One of their other albums, Origin of Symmetry, didn't really pique my interest, and I haven't listened to their other, Black Holes and Revelations, yet, though it's in the car for as soon as I decide to stop listening to Absolution.

Here's a track breakdown, and my opinion of each:

1. Intro - Not much to say here
2. Apocolypse Please - Starts out and continues very strong. Love the pounding piano.
3. Time is running out - Has a great beat, and I really like the vocals.
4. Sing for Absolution - Feels kind of creepy... Good use of minor chords. Not a very "strong" song, but it works out pretty well.
5. Stockholm Syndrome - A quick rocker with some great drum work. The chorus has a great sound to it, and all in all the song works together.
6. Falling Away With You - Starts slow, but I love this song. It's actually a pretty sad song, but maybe that's why I like it at the moment.
7. Interlude - it's only 37 seconds long... I guess it does a good job of changing the musical mood :)
8. Hysteria - This one is good turned up LOUD. On the SDA's, it has a tendency to envelope you.
9. Blackout - Not a bad song, but I always skip over it because it has a tendency to put me to sleep...
10. Butterflies and Hurricanes - Another good one. Has some great pounding piano work, and everything really works together to make a very complete song.
11. TSP - A pretty strong rocker, but for some reason it doesn't really get me like some of the other songs.
12. Endlessly - Another type of love song. I like the simple drums throughout. Synths fill out the bottom end.
13. Thoughts of a Dying Atheist - My thoughts on this song can be summed up by the "word" - "meh"
14. Ruled by Secrecy - Again, some good piano, but a little too soft for me, I think.

Check out youtube.com for some music videos to get a feel for the band.