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Thread: Help!!

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    Default Help!!

    ok im looking to but a new system soon. first i need some new door and rear speakers. now i think my accord has 6-1/2s in the doors and 6x9s in the back. are the dbs a good choice? and it there 100 watt continuous should i get like a 400x4 amp or will i need an amp? and can someone please explain the wiring in 2 ohms or 4 ohms i dont understand it. also i was looking at the components with the crossover included, the crossover just seperates higher and lower sound and controls what goes to tweeters and what goes to speakers right? will that work if i get an amp?
    please help. i would like to buy this soon but need to know what im doing

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    Based off your other thread you should get yourself a nice home receiver, put it on your passenger seat, wire it to the AC adapter and then get some nice floor speakers to put on your backseat.

    You'll be the coolest kid in town, Fo' Sure.

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    You got the exact same car as my brother is running, I put in MC6500 components in the front and type R 6x9's in the back running off a JL 4 channel amp this works well since it still looks completely stock
    There are 2 grills on your dash where your stock tweeters fit, you can mod those with a bracket to fit in the polk tweeters, then run wire to the crossovers.
    I put the crossovers velcoed*sp beside the computer so there out of the way, it takes some time to make sure the polk speakers arent show but it does sound dam nice once its tuned..

    Ohms is the unit for resistance, the less resistance the more power, most 4 channel amps are 2 ohm stable but your better to just wire them in 4ohms, like each component/speaker to one channel.

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    The Polk db's will work off head unit power alone, but they would sound 100X better powered with an external 4 channel amp. The db's are a good budget choice, and require less mounting depth than the Polk Momos and SRs.

    The crossovers that come with the db6500 components are designed to work well with an amp (but aren't designed with bi-amping each component in mind). One wire from amp channel to crossover, one wire from crossover to both mid and tweeter. Polk db690s would work well for rear fill.

    The 400.4 would be a nice choice for two db6500s and two db690s, but you wouldn't want the gains set very high, as it probably makes more than rated power and could heat up the db's without self-control with the volume control.

    Most replacement car speakers are 4 ohms impedance, and if connected to a typical amplifier one per channel, will cause the amplifier to output the rated power at 4 ohms into each of the speakers. If you wire two 4 ohm speakers (in parallel) to each amplifier channel, the amp will see only 2 ohms of resistance and as a result will output the 2 ohm power rating to those channels (but usually raising the Total Harmonic Distortion as well).

    It's probably best to wire a basic system in the usual 4 ohm configuration- for maximum headroom and minimum distortion & operating temperature.

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    What sound are you after in your car? Sound is very subjective.... While we could say the db's would work for you, your ears will be the ones that will tell you if you like them. I would try to audition as many speakers at your local shops as possible to see which ones put a smile on your face. You may find that the db's are the ones for you. I would highly recommend an amplifier for them as Greg has stated.

    While I try to follow my own advice, I did not do this for my current set of components. These are kind of hard to get here in the States. What I did do was read a good deal of the reviews over in Europe. I also listened to some very knowledgeable individuals who have alot of experience with Rainbow products. I am very happy with my decision to buy the Germaniums, they are the best set of car speakers I have owned.

    It is up to you whether or not you want to just get them without listening to them, but since the db's should be readily available in shops around town, why not give them a listen. Good luck with your purchase.
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