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    Nick Dunbeck

    Smile Enclosure for (4) Polk MOMO 120s

    Attn Kim and any other Polk Specialist,

    First I must say Polk MOMO 120s are the best subs I've EVER heard...and I've heard tons of subs working at 3 different car audio dealers in the past 4 years and having my share of systems as well.

    I recently ordered 4 MM120s and hooked 2 of them up to an 800a2 Fosgate amp. It sounded great...some drooled...I stood back and admired. (I also have the MOMO 465 6 1/2"s...they are too cool).

    Well about 2 months ago I ordered 2 MTX Thunder 81000Ds to power all 4 MOMO subs because I got a rad deal on them. Yesterday I got a call from MTX and supposedly they're gonna arrive at the end of this week and as soon as I get them I'll be ready to build the best system ever. Tons of power....awesome subs...clean and overpowering bass!!

    My question is:

    I have a '98 Neon and I need to build a huge box to accomodate these subs. I was thinking a sealed box since I'll have plenty of power and I prefer clean bass. Do you have any suggestions for box size, volume, or style? I want it to look clean and possibly compete in some local SPL competitions. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    One last you think I'm better off with the MTX 81000D over the Fosgate 800A2?

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    I think that the mtx amps are a crumy amp to put it lightly. they produce power and all, but they are unstable, dirty, and get hot. They also drain a lot of juice. If your interested in selling the RF amp, I could be interested in purchasing it if the price is right.


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