Hello all....I have some questions.
I have a 2005 Jeep Wrangler with the 7 speaker system.
We upgraded the rear speakers with Boston S55's.....They are/were better then OEM.
We are looking to upgrade the head unit with a Alpine CDA-9857
Likes or Dislikes?
For the front speakers I like the Polk db5250's. With "special" mounting plates they will work in the front dash.
Likes or Dislikes?
Other questions are:
I would also like to upgrade the rear speakers...maybe with the same as the front.
Amps? One for the front or one for all four speakers? Can I go without for a while?
Factory sub-. I like the sound of it and would like to keep it.
How do you think it is wired? How could I wire it the the new head unit?
Left + and Right - to the new unit?
That will do it for now.....thanks for your help.