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    Default Are all Digital Audio DACs the same?

    Ok don't get me wrong, I know all digital audio DACs are not the same, but do most DVD/CD players all basically use the same sample rate for CDs? Does this suggest they will all sound generally the same? Or will my Pioneer Elite DV-46AAV outperform anything Oppo currently has to offer?

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    I would think that not all players use the same DAC's... i'd hate to pay $2000 for a high end CD player only to find out it uses the same cheap DAC that you can find in a $40 DVD player. it may even happen.. but i gotta think that high end player is also going to have better build quality and components used in it.

    I would think your Pioneer Elite player probably would out perform the Oppo.. but how old is your Elite player? what was last year high end model is this year's standard model.. and next years low end model. The shelf life of electronics, especially computers is such a small window before they are obsolete.

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    It's not so much the brand of DAC's, as it is the implementation/execution of the entire circuit; power supply, etc, etc..

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