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    Default LSiC Mounting Options

    Quick question...I am about to pull the trigger on a complete LSi setup (LSi15s, LSiC and LSiFX). I have a 60" Sony (KDF-E60A20) on top of a 2 shelf metal/glass stand. I believe the best place for the center would be on top of the TV either on a wall shelf or center channel stand. Is one better than the other? My concern with mounting on the wall is that the TV is approx 20" deep and the stand is a couple inches from the wall, so the center would sit 'behind' the TV. If on top is best, does anyone have any suggestions for clean/secure 'top mount' center channel stands? I'm trying to source everything so when the speakers get here I can get up and running asap :).

    Edit: If it is best to place the speaker on the top shelf of the tv stand I can probably do that. The stand is approx 22" tall so the center would be approx 15" off the floor.

    Thanks in advance.
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    This is the one that I purchased and it works great. It is very slim line and I have it on top of a hitachi slim rear projection.

    I pulled the speaker cover off my center channel, moved the speaker to the front of the stand, and put the cover back on the speaker (covering the front lip of the stand). You can barely even tell what the center channel is sitting on.

    I also had to angle my center channel down a bit, for that I used a 2 pack of standard plastic door stops that I purchased at wal-mark. (dark brown in color) worked great to angle the speaker. (I wanted the stand to be flat so I didn't have to worry about it slipping.)

    Good luck,

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    Nice and simple. I also like the idea that it is hidden by the cover. I'll check them out today.


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    I bought the same stand. I was suprised how strudy it was.I did have to screw the rear legs in closer then the mounting holes allowed to mount it level on my TV though. No big deal.

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