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    Default bright sounding tweeters

    my new db6500 sound great as car door speakers but the tweeter sounds bright. the crossover had no adjustment. What can i do?

    Thanks, chris

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    If your speakers are still brand new, they may just need to be broken in. If that's the case, just play them for a few weeks and eventually the mids will loosen up and give you a more balanced sound without any further action. I had the coax versions, and it took almost a month of listening before any kind of midbass came out of them.

    You could try to swap the phase on the tweeters. At the crossover take the positive tweeter wire, connect to negative terminal of crossover. Take the negative tweeter wire and connect to the positive terminal at the crossover. Do this to both left and right, but leave the mids connected "in phase"- positive to positive, negative to negative.

    Reversing the tweeter's phasing may cut the output some (to better match that of the mids), especially if you have the tweeters mounted high in the car in relation to the midranges.

    As you pointed out, the db6500s don't have attenuation levels for the tweeters on the crossover. If trying the above doesn't do it for you, and cutting the treble control or upper frequency bands (if you have an EQ) doesn't bring them into line for you, you may want to look at the Momo MMC6500s instead. they are apparently a much nicer component set.
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    Talking tweeter brightness has been shaded

    Thank you. Your idea work on switching over the phase on the tweeters. I would asume this would not harm the tweeters in any way. Great job. Thank you...

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    i fixed the same issue in my car by simply sticking the speakers into the amp. (running a 400.4 of course with some MMC6500's...) the tweets don't sound nearly as tinny as before...HATE me some bright-ass tweeters, it sounds like your system is as cheap as a Best Buy...well...anything audio!

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