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    Default hey,xmax question

    Just a quick question does a subs xmax matter when buying a sub, will 2 ''12'' same watts same ohms only difference is ones 12 xmax the other is 10 .Does this play a role in making more bass or has nothing to do with it.

    any info is welcome.:D

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    If you are going to use it in a sealed box then xmax can be important if you want it to be loud, but ported doesnt matter as much I believe from what Ive heard. Also for every lower octave played, the subs excursion will quadruple. So if you play really deep stuff then you will want a sub with more excursion.

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    There is a direct correlation to xmax and spl. The more excursion a sub has, the more air it can move. More air being moved = more spl. This goes for ported or sealed.

    If the only difference between one sub and another is xmax, then the sub with the greater xmax SHOULD be able to play louder.

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