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    Default june's new setup

    i am setting up a hi def, 7.2 config w/ a denon avr-4306 receiver running 2 psw505 subs, 1 csi5 center, 2 rti10's as fronts & 4 rti8's. any reccomendations on speaker wire (gauge, brand etc), hdmi cables (400, 800) or any other input on this setup please holla. my first "upscale" setup & wanna start out on right foot

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    Welcome to the Club Polk Forums Junebug70!!!

    I would suggest at least 14 or 12 gauge wires. has great product for a reasonable price. Good luck and welcome to Club Polk!

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    The SC5 are great. You can also email them and custom order whatever length you want, with whatever connectors on the end you wish.
    Great folks to work with, and a great product IMO.

    Denon AVR4806CI
    Denon DVD3930CI
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    Polk LSiC center
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    Mitsubishi WD-65831
    Audio Art IC-1 Interconnects
    Audio Art SC-5 Speaker Wire

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