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    Default Polk sub for h/t use with model 10's & 5's??

    need a recommendation for a non-powered polk sub to be used in my music-h/t system with model 10's for the fronts/model 5's for the rears and a polk center channel. will have at least 100 watts to power the sub...thanx!
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    There are a lot better options than the Polk's for subs.

    I never even heard anyone using one of these, but I can almost bet you that you can get one from SVS in the price range that Polk is offering that will stomp all over it.


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    I have a polk sub and can't wait to replace it with something else. Even the Dps series Velodynes I hear at CC. sound better. I can't tell the wife this as she got the 303 for me as a gift.
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    hmm, wanted to try and match as close as i could as course with the polks in the system, any suggestions then fior a decent, inexpensive(craigslist) sub?

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