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    Default Polk/Momo subs - freeair?

    there are specs for sealed and of course ported and bandpass boxes can be built...but can they be run freeair as well?
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    The Polk subs are not meant for free-air, to the best of my knowledge. I believe a stiffer surroud is required to provide the necessary damping in a free-air application. I saw that Kicker makes some subs that can be run free-air, if desired.
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    I'm sure it could be done, but you would need to use significantly less power. Try e-mailing Polk CS for an answer.
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    Good free air subs require lots of cone travel (xmax) since there isn't any box to give back pressure to control movement. Deep motors and stiffer surrounds help with this.

    The 12 inch Momo subs only have 9.5 mm Xmax so they won't push alot of air when driven to full excursion. The SR 12 inch would be a better IB sub at 16 mm of travel, but there are still better choices on the market with 20-25 mm of travel when you consider price since free air setups require more drivers to get good bass, normally double the drivers.

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    Linear excursion does have some to do with it, but it's mostly all about Q.
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    From a strict SQ standpoint, just about any sub will work free air but, as was mentioned, power handling is reduced substantially as is SPL. Thats why its best to use a bigger sub for IB setups because a 12 will produce lower frequency bass easier with the less power than a 10 will.

    Ive always heard that if the sub's Qts is between .5 and .7 it will work fine in IB. The Momo 12 has a Qts of .52.
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