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    Default Surround Speaker Help

    I have a pair of rti4's I am trying to match surrounds to.
    However I am looking for something smaller than another pair of rti4's or m10's. Anyone know if the RM 101's can be used outside of an RM system?
    If not, does anyone have any recommendations on any other small satellite speakers? Thanks.

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    Hello, epetersn, you've come to the right place for answers.

    Having said that, I haven't had the opportunity to listen to a set of RTi4's, but I'm sure others here will chime in who have an can give you a good recommendation.

    I'm not sure if you are aware of this, but for every speaker Polk offers, they give recommendations for complete systems. In your case, this is found on the following page:

    Unfortunately for you, they recommend (correctly, I believe) more RTi4's as surrounds.
    Don't know what your financial situation is, but if it is a case of "Not enough dough for your wants" right now, I guess you have two choices:

    1. Wait and save up for some more RTi's.
    2. Plug down some cash for some cheaper "This'll hold down the fort until I
    can afford RTi's" speakers.

    If you go the #2 cheaper route (and there's nothing inherently wrong with that), than keep an eye on Fry's ( They not-infrequently have some Polk R15's on sale for CHEAP. $98 for a pair.
    R15's are a CHEAP option for some speaker's that'll hold down the fort.

    Wait for some folks to post, though, who have auditioned the RTi4's and can give you their opinions for a cheaper surround setup.
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    I would recommend the Polk fxi3's as surrounds. they are small. only 12 inches tall. that's the same size as the RTi4's. so would be a good match.

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    Thanks for the response. Yeah price is not really an issue. More the size. My wife is not exactly thrilled with all these speakers in the living rooom. That's why I was wondering about the RM 101's cuz they're tiny. Obviously I'll be sacrificing some sound quality, but I'm willing to sacrifice for something that's a little more low profile.
    Thanks again.

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    Can you integrate in-ceiling or in-wall speakers instead?

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    I've talked to a few people about this and was givin this advice. If you are only using the rear speakers for HT, they don't have to match the front 3 as the surrounds are only for effects. If you are listening to multi channel music, they all must have the same timber. Keep in mind I'm no expert but the people I asked were all knowledgable.

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