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    Default Polk rookie with story and questions


    Just came home with new sound system for my daughters in their 89 Volvo (740GL). Had purchased the db650's (front door) and db400's (back door) in the store to go with Sony indash player. Sounded good in the store.

    After installation, the installer said the 650's wouldn't fit (too deep) and that they installed 5 1/4" speakers in front instead of the 6 1/2s (without calling me).

    In the car, I have to say the system sounds just OK, somewhat less than I was expecting. Questions I have:

    Is there much difference between the 6 1/2s and the 5 1/4s soundwise?

    The specifications on the 650s and 525s seem to indicate that the 650s are less deep than the 525s so I'm not sure why they didn't fit.

    Polk car fit guide seems to say that 525's would fit in the rear doors, althought a harness is needed. Would sound be better if 525s were installed instead of the 4" ones in back?

    What causes the crackling/vibration when volume turned up? Speakers or grill or lack of amplification?

    I appreciate your patience with some simple questions....I'm just trying to come to terms with spending $450 and hearing just OK sound.


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    'Lack of Amplification'

    I don't want to send you down a spiral into a system worth more than the car itself, but there aren't any head units out there with a decent amp, that I know of. When you turn it up, assuming the speakers are mounted correct and firm - you are hearing the amp clip, which is a bad thing.

    I can't help you with the mounting, etc - but I would recommend talking it up with the car audio guys on the board or calling Polk customer service direct, and finding a good 4-channel amp that fits your budget and application.

    Think of it this way, a (decent) car stereo is a luxury item - like watches, dinner out, etc... If you are going to do it, do it right or don't do it at all.

    Welcome to the board, and thanks for choosing Polk Audio.

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