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    Default How long does it take to break in the SR6500?

    1. How long does it take to break in the SR6500? Sombody here said 100 hours, yikes. That long? Please advise.

    2. Read a review that said bottom drops out quickly when played at low volumes, quicker than many speakers. Is that true?

    Please advise, Polk experts, many thanks.

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    It depends on how you listen to them. I noticed a different in mine within a week and after a month they were at their best.

    As for losing low end at low volumes, thats gonna happen with pretty much any speaker.
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    i dunno, my momo's took around a month to really start sounding good. gotta loosen em up. i just played them loud enough to make me want to cry everytime i got in the car. (just wear some earplugs) some might say that this isn't the best thing for them, but you know...whatever. the sound fantastic.

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    Default At least a month

    As mentioned above it takes a good month to break them in. They will improve dramatically after a week but will then continue to slowly improve over the course of the next three weeks.

    As for the bottom droping out they are no worse than any other speaker and may in fact be sligthly better. Somewhat a matter of opinion/taste I think. Excellent speakers all around, I highly recommend them.

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    one month for me...
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    Would say about 100-150 hours. All depending what kind of volume you are playing on and what kind of music.
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