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    Default crossover settings, need some help


    I have RT800i's for fronts.. running off a Outlaw Audio 990 pre amp.. then to a 2 channel Adcom 5400 amp. Cobalt cable speaker cables..

    so where do i sent the crossovers for this speaker? Meaning do i sent it at 60, 80, 100? when i run them on large with the crossover set to 80, the bass is good. but the highs are muddy or to laid back.

    when i run them on small with the same crossover of 80.. they lack bass, but highs are nice and detailed.

    for anyone not familiar with this older speaker.. it's the tower version of the RT55i's basically.

    I can't seem to find the balance between good bass and nice detailed highs.. i can set one or the other, but can't seem to find the right balance between crossover settings.

    what is the difference in the crossover cut off between say.. 80 and 120? or even 60 or 40? bigger number means less bass?

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    crossover is what frequency range to cut off so to speak and send to different drivers. if you set it to 80 everything under 80 hz will go to your sub(assuming you have one). setting your speakers to large enables the full signal to your speaker and everythign below your crossover point to go to your sub giving you more bass while on small, everything below your crossover point is stopped from going to your speakers and redirected to your sub. do what sounds best, depending on how well your speakers handle the lower frequencies. my rti70's sound pretty decent on the low end although lack spl. i have them set to small on my avr and they sound better than ever i believe, my sub is turned up a bit more than i used to have it but its working great for me. hopefully that helped and if someone sees anything wrong please correct me cus im not a certified polkologist ;)

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