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    Default CSi3 and RTi6 info needed

    This is my first post as I thought that I may be able to get the info I need here rather then bothering Polk’s customer service.

    I need a new center and this looks perfect since I am limited to slightly less than 7” of vertical space in my stand. My question is if the speaker is mounted pointing upwards, how tall is it?

    I am thinking about replacing my current fronts soon to match the timbre with the CSi3. My fronts are probably 20 years old 3 ways. I replaced the woofer with a 10” Eminence about 10 years ago.
    I really need a wall mount like my current fronts. My question is will the RTi6’s be loud enough? My room is 20x30 and I have a Yahama RX-V2500 130 wpc AVR., 2 Yamaha bookshelf surrounds and a 15” 500W Sub woofer.
    I live in the country and I like it very loud when watching movies from my HD-DVD player. I only use the system for this.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    That is a massive room. Depends on how loud is loud. I have those speaks and have never had to crank them to be happy with their output, but if you like it real loud you may want to get the RTi10's or 12's and a CSi5. Having said that, I think the 6's and the 5 (not 3) with a good sub would be good.

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    Yep, mouse hit it on the dot. I also own the 6s and the csi5 and though the 6s do dish it out, from what you (halsan) explained the room is very big to fill. try and demo them first and if they get loud enough for you then you won't be dissapointed.

    The csi5 is bigger than the 3 but sounds so much better and fuller. If you can find a different place for the center then I would get the 5.

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    If you must use wall mounts check out Definitive Technology Mythos line.I don't know of any Polks that are wall mount that would fill a room that big. The Rti 10 or 12's would work great but they are floor standers.

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    Lsic center
    12.1 SVS driver in 4.53 cuft. tube
    Harmony 880

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    I currently use RTi6 with CSi3 as my front speakers in an area roughly 20 x 20 feet and I am very happy with performance.

    The CSi3 is 7 1/2" tall when placed under TV, and you may need to find an alternate place for it. I guess you might as well go for the larger CSi5 then.

    Also, RTi6 are quite heavy and deep. They do have wall mount brakets, and I think as long as you put longer screws into wall studs you can safely hang them, too.

    That being said, how old is your Yamaha, and how clean are those 130 W ? Polks (like any good speakers) don't like "dirty" distorted and, even worse, clipping feed.

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