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    Question Polk Components advice - Momo's to SR6500, or other recommendations?

    Hello everyone,

    First post, have been a polk fan for awhile now. But let me get right to it. I think I may be very picky as far as mids and highs are concerned and am having trouble with my new rig. My last system (mid 90's) included 2 sets polk Mobile Monitors with the 3000 tweeters - loved those speakers.

    Now over the last few years in my new rig, I've tried Alpine type R components (1 month), MB-Quart QSD216 (6 months), and currently have the momo MMC6500 (16 -18 months). To be brutally honest the Alpines were horrible all around, the MB-Quart tweets made my ears bleed, while the momos are better than both the Alpines and MBQ's, but to be brutally honest, still sound like dogsh*t to me. I am running active, which helped, but the momo mid drivers just sound like mud no matter how I dial them in (with amps and EQ on deck). Not sure why I'm having so much trouble, I expected the newer components to sound better than my old polk mobile monitors, but that hasn't been the case so far...

    New rig is a 2004 4runner, and I'm trying to run in the door locations (as there isn't much room for custom kicks). - Maybe location is my worst enemy, but I just can't imagine that I can't get something into the stock locations to sound right. I have nice amps with plenty of power to run active, so power isn't limiting.

    Nobody in my area has Polk any longer, so I ordered the Momo's online without listening becuase I liked the old mobile monitors and was hoping they would sound close to the old Polks I had (this was before the SR's came out). I need to find something that is going to sound good to me - and the reviews of the SR's sound great, but I'm becoming gun shy now. I don't mind spending any amount as long as it sounds right to me. I'm going to try and find some SR's to listen to while on vacation next month, but I know speakers sound different in a board than in a car environment...

    Guess my question is, are the SR's that much better than the Momo's? I've been considering Scan-Speak and Rainbow, but of course, those recommendations are from just reading from different web sites. Maybe a 3-way component system?

    Can anyone give advice that have had both the Momo's and now the SR's? What can I expect as far as differences / similarities. Or any other advice on components that are very smooth and accurate under $1,000.

    Thanks in advance, any advice will be greatly appreciated. Sorry so long winded...

    Thanks and best regards,


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    Thats easy. I ran Momos for a year and a half and then got the SR's. The difference is night and day - and thats saying a lot because the Mighty MM6 is just about my alltime favorite speaker ever!

    The SR's require some break in time and a bit of tweaking to get them at their best, but once there, they rule!

    Im currently competing with them and even tho Im about the only one without a fancy EQ, Im holding my own and beating most of the guys in tonality.

    I hope you get a chance to listen to some on vacation because I dont recommend spending $800 on speakers that you havent heard no matter how good they are. But still, the SR's have better midbass, more natrual midrange and super smooth tweeters when compared to the Momos.
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    I had the Mobile Monitor Series from Polk, as well as the set that came out after them, the Polk DB3065's. Both were nice set of speakers.

    As far a components go I am very happy with my Rainbows. I did not get a chance to listen to them before getting them, but did read many reviews on them, as well as listen to some guys with alot of experience. I am very happy with my purchase. I would have to spend a good amount more money to get another set that would top these.
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