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    Default Are FXi5s 'Surround Back' or 'Surround' Speakers

    I just purchased my first HT system and am setting it up. I have a Denon 4306 receiver, and I have the option to connect the FXi5 speakers as 'Surround Back speakers' and/or 'Surround speakers'. (The Denon manual shows many different setups, with both 'Surrounds' and 'Surround Backs' being in the same position.. but of course there's different jacks on the Denon for the two)

    Should the FXi5s be set to BI-Pole and connected to the receiver as 'Surround Back'?


    BTW - it's a 5.1 setup with 2 RTi10s, CSi5 center, 2 FXi5s, and 2 MartinLogan Abyss subs. (so I guess it's a 5.2 :) )

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    For a 5.1 configuration you'll want to setup the FXi5's as Surround speakers. Surround Back speakers are for a 6.1 or 7.1 configuration.

    As for Bi-Pole/Di-Pole, this depends on where you plan to locate the speakers. Refer to the owner's manual to find the installation example that most closely resembles yours. Or try them both ways and see which way you prefer.
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    My FX's are set to Di-Pole due to the geometry of my house not working for getting the speakers behind me with my couch config (damn diagonal fireplace!). Di-pole sends the sound out on a 45 angle from center line of speaker where Bi-pole sends the sound straight out the front of the speaker (perpendicular to the wall).
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