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    Default Cable suggestions for Outlaw m2200

    I just ordered 2 m-2200's for my main speakers and I noticed I have a set of Monster RCA type plugs.These are 2 connected wires 4 RCA plugs with an arrow in one direction with gold plated connectors.I take it these will work and if not what cables would you suggest for the reciever preouts to the amp?
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    It really depends on your budget. Many here select the likes of Signal Cable, Audioquest, Blue Jeans Cable. Personally I have SC for my entire HT.
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    they will work, I will be using AQ sidewinders for now then I might order from signal cable.

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    I highly recommend the DH Labs Air Matrix.
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    Outlaw cables seem to work just fine.
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    Thanks for the input.
    I also have been trying to find out some info on surge protection and want to know what you guys with 3-4 amps do.
    I have seen lots of conditioners and protectors with 2 high current plugs but thats about it??

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