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Thread: Rome Season 2

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    Default Rome Season 2

    Just finished watching the second season on DVD (I don't have HBO). Great series. Great acting, script, dialogue, scenary, and pace given the amount of material covered. Unfortunately, there may not be a season 3 due to the $100,000,000 price tag. Shame, if history was covered like this I would have paid more attention in class.

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    Excellent series and I too wish they would do more.

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    This is why HBO pisses me off so much, They get these series that are uber-popular and are very well done. They suck the life out of them (make the most possible money until the price tag gets too steep) and then just drop them. Same thing happened to Deadwood - one of the best television series ever IMHO.


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    Great series, I recorded them off HBO HD when it was on. With the death of Marcus Antonius there is a clear ending point to it but I would love to see more. Nero, Galicula and Tiberius who married his own "sister" who wasn't related by blood. Would certainly make interesting stories.

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