I'm beginning to grow tired of the Panasonic box theater, not to mention it just doesnt put out like I thought it would. So Im thinking of a modest upgrade for the bedroom. Heres what I came up with

RTi6 mounted on B tech 77 wall brackets
CSi3 center (can someone tell me if this has the little kickstand as the csi5 does)
Oppo 971/970 DVDp
Sony or Denon AVR.

Im not doing surround sound because it wont be used as much, so a simple 2 channel rig will suffice I think.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a good AVR with HDMI or DVI inputs? I want to take full advantage of the Oppos features. I already have a 60 inch Sony XBR on a nice stand so this should really set things off once completed, thanks guys.