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    Default Matching a Yamaha power amp

    I am new to the polk forum as of today. I have been putting together a 2 channel stereo system in my basement for my listening pleasure. All my speakers are Polks. What is currently hooked up is a set of SDA-2B's and a set of monitor 5jrs. I just purchased a Polk LF-14 for my subwoofer which I didn't recieve yet. I also own a set of Polk monitor 5 series 2. My stereo componets are of vintage Yamaha. My reciever is the CR-2040, turntable YP-B8 and Tape deck TC-1000. My CD player is Yamaha CDX-550. I just purchased a Yamaha A-100u power amp which should be arriving shortly. That A-100u is only 50w per channel but sounds like a nice amp to drive my 5 jrs. What I would like to know, is there a matching Yamaha power amp that has the dark wood grain cabinet that would go with my componants ?. It seems that the higher end Yamaha componants had the darker wood and I have yet to see a Yamaha power amp as such. Thank you for any input.

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    Welcome Rodger, it's fun putting together a vintage rig like that. running vintage Polks.

    Sorry I don't know the answer to your question. I bet if you do a search for the Yamaha amp using Google, you'll find some info on it.

    My computer 2 ch system is a Yamaha CA-610 II (45wpc) integrated, and a Pioneer TX-9500II tuner. sounds good to me.

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    Hi Roger and welcome.

    I'm not sure about the Yamaha amp, but this is a shop that may be able to answer your question. No harm in asking. Looks like they carry a lot of vintage gear.
    (719) 964-7205

    They are in COLORADO SPRINGS
    No Affil.

    You may want to post in a relevant category and not the Forum Testing Area. You may have better luck with the answers.
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    Michael ;)
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