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Thread: Old Turntable

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    Default Old Turntable

    All this talk of turntables and two channels this weekend reminded me that I had a Technics turntable somewhere in the basement. I found it and dusted it off. Nothing special, in fact junk, but it is a Technics SL-5 with an Audio Technica TR460E/LT cartrage, all the rage back in the early 80's. I did have a pretty nice collection of vinyl in really good condition but a mishap with an electric heater my senior year at college put an end to that.

    Oh well I still got way to much stuff to do for a decent system for HT to worry about a 2 channel rig.
    I like speakers that are bigger than a small refrigerator but smaller than a big refrigerator:D

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    Everyone needs a good 2 channel system... HT is optional. :)
    Vinyl, the final frontier...

    Avantgarde horns, 300b tubes, thats the kinda crap I want... :D

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