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    Default triple 12" sub enclosure

    hey guys, i am soon to be running three alpine type-r's 12" but i don't know what type of box i should get. I hear the sealed box gives off tighter bass but what about bandpass or ported boxes? Also anybody know where i can find some cool looking triple 12" enclosures? theres not that many in the market. thanks.

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    Bandpass sucks. Maybe, if the gods were smiling upon you and you got the entire design and construction right, it would sound as good as a ported but thats still a big maybe.

    Ported can sound great and generally have greater output but a sealed is the best. Much easier to get good sound and they are much less forgiving of design and construction flaws.
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    sweet, i was thinking towards a sealed box. thanx for your help

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    Badpass enclosures cansound good. You just have to put a good deal of effort into design and engineering of the box. Most bandpass boxes on the market are junk for one thing and only make noise.

    You could email Polk Audio if you had Polk drivers. They have some nice bandpass box designs that are set up to work very well with thier woofers.

    I think the best bandpass box I have had any experience with has been my Polk Audio C4. It's 4 6x9 inch drivers in an iso-baric configuration. It digs deep and has a frequency range all the way up to 180 Hz I think it was. It defintly does not behave like any other bandpass I have seen. It is a shining example of how well a bandpass box can turn out when proper effort is put into the design.
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