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    Default Crutchfield free sub offer/surround question

    Is anybody out there taking advantage of the free PSW10 offer when you buy $400 in Polk speakers at Crutchfield? I was just about to pull the trigger on a couple RTi10's, a CSI5 center, and 4 TC65i's for surround, when this offer was e-mailed to me. I'll actually be eligible for 4 free subs if I split my purchase into 4 orders, which is acceptable, per the Crutchfield rep that I spoke with.

    My question is, should I put a $200 credit toward a PSW12, or maybe even a PSW505 instead? I've got a medium-sized room, and was planning on getting SVS's new SB12-Plus, based on the feedback I've heard. Do the Polk subs even compare? If not, I may just sell the 4 subs on ebay and get the SVS.

    Also, does anyone use TC65i's for surround? I liked what I heard in the store, but I am concerned that they won't be diffuse enough for surrounds, compared to the typical on-wall surrounds.

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    i got a free sub when i bought my lsi speakers, and then i sold it on ebay. if your looking for a good sub, look into velodyne, or one of the sealed svs subs.

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    The Polk subs in question won't perform as well as your RTi10s. Will you have to pay 4 separate shipping fees to break it down into 4 orders? Get the 4 subs, sell them and buy one SVS or similar sub.
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    Shipping is free. I was mistaken about the $400 minimum, also -- it's $499, which means I'll only get 3 free subs (RTI10's are $479 - D'oh!).

    Oh, well...I almost placed an order the day before this offer came out, so I can't really complain. :p

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    Take the free subs and Ebay them like you said. Use the money and get the SVS of choice. That's what I'd do...


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    They had that deal when I bought my speaks from Tweeter at the first part of the year. I was able to put the $200 towards the Mirage Omni S-12 they had onsale for $368, so I only paid like $180 out of pocket for what was an $800 sub.

    No SVS Ultra or anything, but for a fraction of the price, it rocks hard.
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