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    Default time for a 3 channel amp?

    I'm curently waiting to get my right channel LSi25 back from Polk Audio service repair (can't wait to hear music again!), but I have been thinking about a possible upgrade and want the educated opinions of my fellow Polkies. I'm thinking about getting a three channel amp to drive my center and 2 rear channel Lsi's (LsiC and LSiFX's). I was looking into the Adcom GFA-5503. I have been pleased with my NAD T763 receiver driving these 3 speakers and my Rotel does a fantastic job of driving my mains. I was thinking that I might get better overall sonic quality by adding another amp. Any thoughts? If you do think I would benefit from seperate amplification, do you have any ideas other than the Adcom? Thanks!
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    I doubt that a dedicated amp would be a significant improvement since we are talking about the center and rear channels. Not a lot of dynamics there that would benefit from better amplification (if the Adcom IS actually better than the NAD amps). This is of course JMO.
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