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    Default JL W7 vs Polk SR vs ???

    Well I know JL sucks ;)

    And I know its a stupid question say ask which one is "better"... but they all have pros and cons so it would be great if you could share your experiences and opinions.

    I heart many say that on a non-biased level the Polk SR would be on SQ par with the JLw6. But what about the W7? Is the W7 even "better" in SQ? Or is it a SPL woofer? Clear things up for me... No worries, I wont get JL... way too expensive :)

    Then I also heard of Adire Brahma or Cadence. Are these SQ subs? Are they supposed to be "better" when it comes to SQ? I only care about SQ and not SPL. Also I care about small enclosures b/c of space.. thats why i ll go sealed only.

    I know there are many other ones out I have never heart of... and everyone who owns one specific brand will tell me mine is the best, but I would like to have some non-brand-biased opinion.

    Pls dont tell me that "it all depends on the amp and enclosure". Lets assume that each sub is running in its perfect sealed enclosure and its perfect amp.

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    i had the 12w7 and now have 2 sr124-dvc. the sr's sounds way better. the 12w7 was muddy sounding. the sr's sound awsome in the sound quality department and they pound.

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    The w6 is a better sounding sub than the W7. The w7 is designed to be a great sounding sub that still has the ability to get to the point i like to call 'stupid loud.'

    I have yet to hear the SR subs, but I do plan on getting one for my g/f's car after I get my system squared away. If they are anything like the SR components, I will not be disappointed. I still can't believe that the SRs components sound so damn good. I have a pair of 3-way components that retail around $1400 and I had them in a pretty custom set-up and the 2-way SRs in stock Honda locations rival them.

    As far as Adire goes,they make great subs as well. They sound just as good as the W6 AND have the capability to get louder than the W7...and they do it all at 1/3 of the price.

    Cadence makes pretty good stuff, I haven't had too much personal experience with their stuff, but from what I have heard I liked. But that is full range speakers only, no idea about their subs.

    Another alternative would be SoundSplinter for SQ.

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