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Thread: Amp prob

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    Question Amp prob

    So I installed my amp today got power running to it and everything. When I turned the ignition, expecting to hear music, I instead got no music and a loud buzzing sound. I messed around a little bit and now I am getting a patting sound, almost like a helicopter. I had this problem when I would unplug the speaker pre-outs and the subs would make the same sound. Do I have to have all pre-outs used or what? Doesnt make any sense to me.

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    More details on your install please. Using a distro block, wiring, etc.
    Eclipse CD8445 HU
    Image Dynamics CXS54 Chameleons component setup
    Two 8" Image Dynamics ID8D2v.3 subs
    MTX MXA6001 amp for subs
    MTX MXA3002 2-channel amp for comps
    Accumat and Peel-n-Seal
    Stinger and Knukoncpetz wiring

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