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    Default Jessica Simpson - Should I buy the enclosures?

    First time poster - I had to get your attention....

    Should I buy the enclosures for the in wall LC 265i's for front l/r in my basement ht?

    They are temporarily installed in the roughed in basement and sound ok with my Denon 3805. I know I I know I know I need an amp but I had to fire them up with what I had.

    ?? Spend the $ on the enclosure or save it and put the it toward the 7x200amp fund.

    Thanks for any input

    ps. I learned a lot from the polk site.
    pss. I won't ask about the cost/benefits of high end speaker wire, more controversial than gay marriage and abortion combined.

    John...aka polka boy

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    Quote Originally Posted by polka boy

    pss. I won't ask about the cost/benefits of high end speaker wire, more controversial than gay marriage .

    John...aka polka boy
    Speaker wire actually makes a difference on something. Gay marrige,well, Dosen't really effect anything.

    P.S. Can't help you on the enclosers. Never used in-walls.
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    If I had the choice, I'd use them. But they aren't absolutely necessary.

    Yes, you need an amp, or a better receiver.

    If it were me, I'd run cheap conduit for the speaker wire. It'll be easier to change if you decide, and you won't have to use UL rated wire. (FWIW I use Sound King OFC in my HT. Not "high end" by any means. Just stay away from M.)

    Just my .02.
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    I smell ass, burning ass, glowing cherry red spanked ass.


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    Yes, the enclosures would probably help and the Conduit idea is stellar. Also, for cheap but good wire, Blue Jeans cable is hard to beat

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    ...and post that picture of Jessica...

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    Default has some nice 14 ga/4 conductor (biwiring) in-wall rated speaker wire that is very affordable. I bought a 250' roll for $110 shipped.
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