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    Default Help with sound for my new car, please!

    Hi! I just got a new car and want to replace the factory stereo in it because it sounds horrible. It has been 11 years since I've bought equipment for a car so any help and/or suggestions will be very much appreciated. I don't want to spend a small fortune but do want something that will sound good and is of good quality. I will be getting satellite radio so don't know if that helps any with your suggestions. I have it in my other car and do not want to have to go back to listening to regular radio stations. The new car does a have a 6 disc CD changer in it so I'm not sure if I will need a new one since I want to replace the radio and speakers.

    As always, thanks so much for the help.


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    Hi Cindy,

    I am also putting my system together atm; however, I will be looking at the SR (signature reference) class products of polk, which are pretty expensive.

    I listened to the polkaudio MMC and DB series in different setups. In general they are all great in regard to price-quality balance.

    FRONT: If you want good quality at reasonable pricing go with the MMC6500 (Compo) or at least MMC650 (Coax) for front speakers. Compo will sound better, but its up to your wallet.

    REAR: If you want rearfill then slap in another MCC650 (Coax) or the DB650 (Coax). Considering sound quality to be less important for rearfill, coax is definitely enough.

    SUB: I don't know what kind of system you are looking in to. The MMC Fronts will give you some low beats, but of course not like a sub.

    Amps: All depends on your setup.
    The MMCs in would sound ok even without an amp, but of course to get the best out of them you would need an amp. Depending if you also want a sub or not, you could get a 5 or 6 channel amp to handle your entire system. If you go without sub, then a 4 channel amp with about 4x70w @ 4 ohm would be perfect. If you only want fronts then 2x70w @ 4 ohm.

    Your CD changer will most probably work with your new headunit, as long as it has a CD changer connection port ("AUX-IN" ?!)

    Hope I was of some help. I am not a pro like the other ones here, but I think with smaller setups like yours, I can be of help :)

    Oh! Of course I dont know your required sizes, so if you go with 525s or 5250s, they are just as fine.


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    I would definately put an amplifier on whatever speakers you choose to go with, they will sound alot better.

    For a HU, there are many that will allow you to use satellite radio. Pick the one with the features and tuning abilities that you want.

    Controlling the OEM changer will probably not be possible with an aftermarket HU. The nice thing is that with the newer units you could listen to MP3's or WMA's. One of these discs will hold about the same amount of music as a changer.

    If you are looking at Polk speakers I would difinately look into getting something from the Momo line. I did not like the sound that the DB series put out.
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