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    Default Post Thanksgiving recipes

    OK, you ate till you couldn't possibly eat any more. But you still have turkey left over. What are you gonna do with it?

    Do you have some favorite leftover recipes? What are they? Let's hear 'em..

    I like this one for Sunday's football games:

    Turkey Salad Sandwiches

    Couple/few cups of coarse diced turkey meat
    couple/few stalks of celery, diced up
    Sweet onion, diced up (Vidalias are the best)
    Coarse chopped white seedless grapes (usually I get a small package and use just about all of them)
    Some coarsely chopped nuts of your choice (this year I'm using pistacchio, but walnuts work well, too. About 1 to 1 1/2 cups)
    Some mayo, usually a few tablespoons, maybe 1/3 of a cup, but I don't measure. I just add till it looks right and everthing has a nice coat.
    Salt and pepper to taste

    Throw it all in a big bowl and stir it up well. Usually I'll rinse off some fresh leaf lettuce, slice a big tomato and some coarse, crusty peasant style bread. Toast the slices and put some good baby swiss or jarlsberg cheese on top and bottom. Some lettuce, big scoop of salad, more lettuce, a slice of tomato and some salt & pepper.

    Damn good sammich.
    I smell ass, burning ass, glowing cherry red spanked ass.


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    Sliced turkey, cranberry sauce, & stuffing piled high on Jewish rye. IMan, I'm in sandwich heaven!!!
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