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    Unhappy PSW10 Subwoofer suddenly dies!

    Help - I have a PSW10 which is two months old. I just moved it to a new location in the room. I plugged in the mains power cord, then as I was plugging in the input cable (AV receiver switched off), the sub started humming, then there was a single clicking sound, then nothing. The LED is no longer on at all.
    I unplugged the unit and allowed it to stand for an hour. Then I plugged in mains power again and it's still dead.

    Any ideas?


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    It may be as simple as blown fuse.If there is a fuse holder that is accessable on the back panel unplug the unit and check it.

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    Thanks GV#27 - Sadly the unit doesn't have any exposed fuseholders (bad design! - unlike the equipment of old).

    I took the unit back to FutureShop today and they told me to contact Polk directly (talk about not standing by the products they sell). They have a 30 day return policy after that tough luck you are on your own (unless you buy their extended "profit" warranty).

    Anyways I'll call Polk tomorrow to see if I can get it repaired in Calgary.


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