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Thread: Polk PSW10 Hum

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    Default Polk PSW10 Hum

    Hello...newbie here. I just set up my system this past week, and I am having "hum" problems with my PSW10 sub. The connection out of my Onkyo receiver is Monster to Y into sub. I can only get rid of the hum if I turn the volume knob on the back all the way down to a point where I do not get enough bass! Anyone have any advice or ideas?

    Thank you!


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    Since no one else is speaking, let me have a go at it.

    1) Is the hum there if you unplug the input lines? (I assume you are using an RCA type IC from the reciever's LFE output?) I had an interference issue w/ an IC that wasn't properly shielded. If you disconnect everything and still get a hum, then it's probably in the sub amp.

    2) Are the reciever and sub plugged into the same power outlet? Both should be grounded plugs (or at least oriented) so that the "hot" lead has the correct orientation for both units. (Old equipment did not have oriented plugs, and hum might be eliminated by rotating the plug 180 degrees.)

    3) Try turning off other items around the area to see what effect they have: DVD player, TV, fluorescent lights (anything that might add noise to the circuit or create RFI.)

    Cheers, Jim

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    Try a cheater plug on the subs power cord. Just might do the trick.
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    Hey, thanks for the replies and advice. Believe it or not, all the hum stopped as soon as I unplugged the RCA's from my DirecTv receiver into my A/V receiver. Some type of ground issue.



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