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    Quote Originally Posted by henee2
    Please don't close the borders for this statement, because then Germany could close it every second day... Cus aren't we ALL Nazis ;)...
    I'm 1/4 offended...because I'm 1/4 German .

    Actually, I'm not offended- just kidding.

    As for the German vs US automotive superiority argument, I'd say they are apples vs oranges, an unfair comparison.

    German cars are often about finesse, engineering, handling prowess and build quality (excluding the Trabant ;) ), while the US pony cars like the Mustang are more about brute performance, bang for the buck, and excess (like that's a bad thing).

    Certain models of Mustang over the years can go fast and handle well. I remember well driving a drunk buddy home in his modified 5.0L 'Stang, trying to feather the clutch and brakes so as to keep that thing pointed straight in the snow and ice- not easy. Wet and icey pavement weren't the best venue for this car. That would be an example of a Mustang that was more of a "straight line" performer. I think the later model Mustangs are much improved, more error friendly fresh from the showroom (with some great peformance potential).

    Attached is the upgraded engine in a guy from work's '05. Mmmmm - Supercharger.
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    Quote Originally Posted by henee2
    Now I see how fast that really is! WOW. I love the new Mustang GT, and I was so close to import one (with Saleen supercharger) to Germany, since it seems to be a great deal based on value for power. And it looks awesome too. Only down side is fuel consumption, which would let me become me a beggar sooner or later with these high petrol prices in Germany :( Also, after adding our high import (10%) and sales taxes (16%), shipping costs (1k USD), and conversion costs for lights and so on (~1k USD), the deal doesn't look that great anymore. But if I was in the US, I would have bought it for sure.
    If I had to feed a Mustang at European fuel prices, I'd probably look at an Audi, Mercedes, BMW for a slightly more economical car, considering the prices are probably much lower for purchase and maintenance in their home market compared to what they go for here.

    Import those same German cars to North America and prices go through the roof, much like importing a US made car to Germany. Having personally had a VW in the past, the dealer charged a pretty penny for everything I had to buy for it. The upside was higher resale value, downside was higher operating cost. While the VW was great on gas and drove solidly, it cost a lot more to maintain here than a comparable domestic.

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    Ha! I like the pic Greg, or maybe not.. cus it makes we wanna import a US muscle car...
    I have the same oppinion. Mustangs are brute performers... and you wont get that sound out of any german car :) Well it's a car for a real man ;)

    But to bring the topic back to something that fits in this forum... lets talk about hifi sound.
    I tend to say that it is easier to build a very good sounding system in a car like a VW Golf or Audi A3, which has no totally separated trunk compartment. I just had the experience here in Germany. I owned a VW Golf GTI and then a Merceded CLK 320. I had the same system in both cars, and it sounded alot better in my Golf. ... Somebody got a reasonable explanation?

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