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    Question Grounding problem?

    Ok, I need the brains to help me.

    I drive a Mac Truck, Factory stock AM / FM.

    Fm Works fine, AM has Noise.

    I listen to AM and want to get rid of noise.

    Factory installed I would guess this would be a ground problem.

    How can I do a simple ground on this unit?

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    Whadya know! A fellow trucker!!

    It depends on the noise youre talking about. AM is a lot more susceptible to noise than FM even with proper grounding.

    My system is noise free but when listening to AM radio I have alternator whine, headlight hum, brake light pop you name it! But with CD's and FM radio its noise free.
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    A lot of the other trucks on the lot I have been in have no problem with the engine noises on the AM side, some do. Thats why I think it's a ground problem that I'd like to remedy myself.

    Is there a Am radio I could carry in the truck and use that would not be bothered by the electronic noises from the truck?

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    am is very susceptible to noise.
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    I have a pioneer 3800 hu and i can't get certain stations that have high output. Look into a power antenna not sure how hard it is to install but worth looking into.

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    If the other trucks in the lot do not have noise, can you swap radio's to see if the noise stays with that radio or stays in that truck ?.
    You might have an antenna problem also. Try another mast antenna and see what happens.
    Between the trucks are there differences like one having more fiberglass panels than another ?. Any other electrical differences between the trucks ?.

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